I’ve never been someone with what you would call “athletic talent”. As a matter of fact, I grew up as a nerd. It was a long time ago, before the internet and cell phones, and I was a skinny little girl who was a smartass know-it-all smart and so I read. And I read EVERYTHING. What I did not do was play sports.

Fast forward to my 20’s and I’m married to a golfer who shoots in the very low 80’s and he convinces me to give golf a try. And I’m terrible. But not as terrible as I was at all the other sports they made me do in P.E. So I bought some clubs and some shoes that I thought were horribly distasteful, and began to play in tournaments. Because that’s how you start – no practice, no practice rounds, just tournaments. But these were the kind of tournaments where drinking and getting to know others in your industry were much more important than skill.


Good ole cousin Eddie

I remember a practice session with my husband in our front yard before one such “tournament” and my drive hit our motor home 2″ above a plate glass window and bounced back to within just a couple of feet of where I was standing. My husband said, “Practice over!” and we went inside. Not a whole lot has changed in the past 25 years.

Cousin Eddie would have been devastated!

So if you came here looking for tips or suggestions on to how to improve your golf game, shave strokes off your score, maximize your short game, well, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’d like to feel better about your own golfing skills and maybe get a laugh or two in the process – WELCOME.

Published by Middle Age Mulligan Addict

I played golf for a minute in my late 20's / early 30's. I'm much less successful at it now, but it sure makes life entertaining....

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