Why did I start a blog about my golfing adventures? A simple Facebook post started it all. In the beginning, there were golf carts that we rode in. Because I scored roughly a 12 or 13 on each hole, I couldn’t imagine another way to play. This was August 6, 2017. As I was sitting in the golf cart waiting for Larry to find another one of my errant shots, I took this photo and then posted to Facebook. Below is the post that started it all:

GOT Candidates

Today’s golfing expedition could best be compared to a season of Game of Thrones. I was all over the place, difficult to follow and I started out with 3 worthy candidates who were gruesomely eliminated one by one. 3 shots into the water. Two on the same hole and one into a creek that wasn’t even a water hazard on the hole I was playing! That takes some kind of talent – not golfing talent – but some kind of talent. Thanks to a water rescue by Larry, the pink ball had a 2nd chance at life – ***GOT Spoiler Alert*** ….Much like Jon Snow. 

We also lost our scorecard about half way through the round. That or Larry discreetly sent it the way of 2 of my golf balls. LOL – and we still had a blast! Til next time….

And so it began.

Published by Middle Age Mulligan Addict

I played golf for a minute in my late 20's / early 30's. I'm much less successful at it now, but it sure makes life entertaining....

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