Support for Middle Age Golfers

For those of us who aren’t so young anymore, it takes a little effort to get us up and moving well. These are some products and programs that help my husband and I stay active and injury free.


You’ve got to stay flexible!  Flexibility is so important as we age and if you haven’t been working on it up until now, don’t wait another day to start.  Yoga is an extremely effective tool to increase your flexibility, build core strength and improve your golfing ability.  Check out your local YMCA for classes or look into one of the many apps available for your phone or tablet.

Work on your flexibility

Support Sore Muscles:

I get sore playing golf, practicing yoga and working out.  Sometimes I get sore just being human.  Mostly because I’m a middle aged woman, but being active can sometimes cause a little pain.  This is the best remedy I’ve found because it contains natural ingredients.  I use it on my golfer’s elbow, computer shoulder, and old lady knees.  (My husband uses it too but don’t tell him I told you)  It’s also great to use before you workout or golf as a warm up.  If you want to get your hands on some of this, click here.

Deep Blue works on those sore muscles. Before and after golf.









Now, you’re going to think I’m going all Hocus Pocus on you, but meditation works wonders for your golfer’s soul.  Ever hit 2 or 3 (or 12) shots in a row that go wild and start that cycle of “Keep my head down, elbow straight, eye on the ball, turn my hips, no!, use the arms, move the ball back in my stance, no forward, ARGHHHH!”.  That’s usually when I need to stop, look around and breathe.  Let all the thoughts go, just swing the club and let the ball get in the way.  Meditation helps.  It also helps when your co-worker is getting on your nerves, or your kid, or (gasp) your spouse.  Hey look at it this way, 10 minutes of time-out time can do us all a lot of good.

What do you do to improve your golf score?

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